World class massage and healing service rates

As of August 16th 2023, I don’t offer massages due to health concerns.
If you are in a good health and unvaxxed and want to get relaxation massage, I could make an exception but other than that, I am not giving massages any more.

World Class Massage & Healing Service Rates

Unrushed Center of The Universe Experience

230 USD (300,000 won)

This is my signature healing session where I don’t watch clock and focus on giving you best healing experience. I specialize in Swedish deep tissue aromatherapy massage.

We sit together and choose the essential oil you like the most for diffuser, and choose music you like from a few playlist I play for you and finally we choose essential oils for your massage session.

I hear needs for the massage session whether it’s for relaxation or you have pain or tightness in your body or improve health condition you had.

And I choose a few combination options of essential oils that will be good for you and you smell and choose the one you like the most.
Then I leave the healing room so you can take off clothes and lay down on the massage table while I’m custom blending massage oil for you then come upstairs and start the session.
From your arrival to leaving my studio, this takes about 2 hour to 3 hours depending on how much we talk or how much I work on your body if I find a lot of knots and tight areas.
When I meet client that resonate with so much about the view on life, politics or music taste or interests, I tend to talk with client a lot and time passes so fast. 🙂

I am very good at sensing knots and work on them. 🙂 Shoulders, back, neck are common areas many clients have tightness from too much sitting working on the computer.
Or thighs if clients work out a lot.

90 min healing massage session (actual massage time 90 min)

190 USD (250,000 won)

All same with choosing essential oils, music, custom blending etc but duration of massage time will be about 90 min.
From your arrival to leaving will be total 2 hours or so.

Aroma Touch Technique by DoTERRA

190 USD (250,000 won)

This is amazing aromatherapy heaven experience!

It’s really amazing, beautiful, powerful healing with so much essential oils getting into your body.
This technique is developed by DoTERRA over long time with experts who combined western and eastern health philosophy and practice!
Learn more from official site or google or youtube if you need more info.
But I know you will LOVE it and feel divine afterwards!

Very very powerful at healing, deep sleep and relaxation! 🙂

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience

-Aroma Touch Technique official site

Want to get massage from comfort of your home or hotel?

*I offer housecall(visiting your home or hotel) for 50 $ added service fee in Humphreys, Pyeongtaek area.

*Osan, Songtan, Asan area: 80 $ added service fee
*Songdo, Seoul: 100 $

* Reservation deposit may be needed for keeping my availability open for you & confirmation when you book in advance and it is your first time booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you located?

My healing studio is in Pyeongtaek.
10-15 min drive from Humphreys walk-in gate or 5 min or so drive from Hamjeong gate. 5 min walk from Ten Dogs Cafe.Here is address, waze pin, photos, direction & google map.

Do you work on Sunday? What is your business hours?

I can give massage any day, holiday, weekend or anytime as long as I am free and in a good condition.

There is no set business days or hours as I don’t give massage like business. Usually I give massage to one client a day.

Only thing is I need to be in the right mental, physical state and my studio too for optimal healing session.

Often times I turn down short notice or last min booking if I was busy doing activities or web development work and tired.

Any day is possible just give me enough notice or book a few days in advance if possible so I can plan my days and activities for the best healing session.

Feel free to message me to see if I am in the mood for massage even if last min just in case. 🙂

Is there anything I need to prepare or be aware?

Please shower before coming over for massage if possible.
I recommend you not to eat heavy meals before massage session as it’s not comfortable laying in massage table when you are full.

I personally like to be empty stomach when I get massage. 🙂

Other than that, bring yourself to enjoy total peace and relaxation.

Do I need to take off all my clothes?

99% of my clients take off all the clothes.
I am very experienced and trained well to do towel management.
So your privacy will be well kept at all time.
Even turning over time, I keep the towel so you are fine.

The reason I like my client to be totally naked is that it’s much better to work on your body when there is no underwear in the way.
But I totally understand if you felt much comfortable with underwear on.
Your comfort is most important so do whatever is best for you.

Is there anything I need to know after massage session?

It’s best not to shower to absorb more after aromatherapy massage session but if you have to shower, you can shower.

Drink lots of water after massage and the next day.
Try to eat fresh healthy food for best feelings. 🙂

If I worked on your knotted shoulders and body, you might get sore feeling the next day.
If you have unfiltered organic raw apple cider vinegar then add some vinegar into your water and drink often to flush out toxins and lactic acid released from massage.

What’s special about your massage?

Now with my amazing nature healing studio setup, there are many unique things about getting healing massage from me.

First, I use doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils.
DoTERRA is the world leading essential oil company that utilizes co-impact sourcing with the farmers in the local areas in the world.

The ingredients of doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils are grown and harvested from indigenous places in the world.

Usually farmers are growing trees generations from their family or tribes.

CPTG means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. There is no official body that examine if the essential oils are pure or organic with extensive testing from third party.

You might see organic label essential oils at Whole Foods but it doesn’t go through extensive testing from lab like doTERRA does.
Best example I could think is that in Korea FDA or USA FDA, many of doTERRA’s essential oils are approved as food grade which means you can cook with it or edible if they are edible herbs or fruits.

I wouldn’t feel safe to eat or use any other essential oils that I buy from super market or even Whole Foods with organic label on it.
Because I know they go through so much testing from third party and grow their trees or herbs with really good hearted intention.
For example, Haiti is the indigenous place for vetiver essential oil. They can harvest vetiver to produce more quantities but they harvest a few months later after when the plant has the most potent power.
For example, Korea is famous for Ginseng.
Farmer could harvest ginseng after 1 year.
But it’s well known 3 or 6 year ginseng is more potent and powerful.

Things like that…

So I used to buy my essential oils from other good company in Sydney and I trusted and had a satisfaction but after learning more about how essential oils are produced and plants are grown…and also using for myself, I could feel the difference.
And confidence with science and real data and proofs.

I’ve been giving massages since 2002. And by utilizing doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils, I could see so many healings and amazing experiences. 🙂
So real, authentic, powerful healing essential oil is the most important thing for powerful healing and relaxation.

Second part is my experience since 2002. I feel the knots, clients’ body and feelings…well so I am really good at working on solving the knots and tight areas.

Also I’ve been told by very sensitive master healers or people that they feel I give great healing energy. 🙂
Sometimes they say white light or energy. Or love or caring feeling.
Some of them never can really relax at at massage shop but they can relax totally with me and fall asleep. They say.
I have a good, pure intention to give best healing for my client.
I focus and do my best.

And now with my amazing nature healing studio!
This is really unique part about getting massage at my studio.
My studio is surrounded by nature!
Mountain is back of my studio and you see green view from 3rd floor high ceiling healing studio.
There are so many kinds of birds here singing!
So you hear so many birds sound. Really relaxing and peaceful.
At night, frog sound is really nice and healing too!
With my Himalayan salt crystal candle holders and tea lights, the ambience is very relaxing and beautiful with the music I play for you.

You get to feel total healing.
With your eyes, ears(sound), touch, healing energy….etc.

I have soft, warm hands and intuitive sense so my clients really enjoy the whole healing experience. 🙂

Written Testimonials

I have chronic pain in my hip, back, and shoulder on the left side of my body. I was hit by a car when I was a young soldier in Yongsan in the early 90’s and the pain caused by that accident persists… getting worse in the hip. I saw that Jiyoung had mutual Facebook friends when I was checking out her service. I work on base, but the base spa is always booked. So I contacted Jiyoung and set up an appointment. Glad I did because my hip feels a lot better. I also had some upper back muscle knots that she made disappear. Highly recommended!

Client from Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek June 21, 2020

I would like to thank you for your professional service.
I hope the following 2 lines express my comparison. 
I have used massage services 97 times in over 40 countries all over the world.
I would rank Jiyoung as second or third best. best massage in Seoul!

 Business trip client at Shilla hotel Seoul, Korea 2007.10.25

Jiyoung gives a wonderful massage
I highly recommend her!
Her Swedish technique is the prefect amount of pressure to relieve, but relax at the same time.
Just enough oil to allow fluid movement but nor drenched!
Her movements are unhurried and nurturing; she is professional but not clinical – she connects with your body.
I give her an A+.

University professor client from Reno, NV, USA 2015.03.01

Hi JiYoung. So good to have met ! Massage was great it was like walking on a cloud afterwards.

Dutch Expat clients living in a Novotel ambassador hotel in Seoul, Korea

Most definitely one of the best massages I have ever received since having back surgery. The best massage in Seoul! Must experience the soothing effect of illuminating glowing salt stones and a wonderful massage in a zen-like studio environment

Joey, expat client in Samgakji, Yongsan, Seoul *This was when I had Well-being Studio in Seoul in 2008

Jiyoung, You did an fantastic job with my massage. That was one of the best massages that i have ever had. You have earned another loyal customer and i will make sure to see you as often as i can.

Ty Monday, March 10, 2008 3:34:21 PM

I highly recommend you work with Jiyoung!
In addition to everything she and others noted about her professional skills and amazing technique, I’d like to add that Jiyoungs’ happy spirit and deep, intuitive intelligence makes her an absolute JOY to be around.Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a few hours with her.
I promise you an uplifting experience!

Body of Knowledge
Senior Feldenkrais Practitiorer | 2015.03.11

Wow! Your massage is different than massage shop massage! There is love and care in your massage. I feel very pure and bright energy spreading in my body now

Client who had car accident & spine pain(back pain)

I just experienced 60 minutes of Heaven in the form of massage from HappyJiyoung.

Probably one of the BEST massages I’ve ever had (and I’ve had lots).

She has such a positive, amazing spirit with such a natural healing touch and we had so much to talk about afterwards as well.

For 1 hour my poor broken, battered arthritic body felt relief and comfort – which, I cannot even describe the intense pain I live with on a day to day basis – was such a wonderful thing to experience.

Thank you SOOO much Jiyoung! You are an amazing soul!!

Erin from Songdo, Incheon client

Video Testimonials

Healer Sara’s testimonial from Colorado, USA

Martial artist, hockey player Jedi’s massage testimonial about Jiyoung’s Swedish deep tissue massage from Red Rocks, Colorado, USA Client Erin from Songdo, Incheon pilot client staying at Sheraton Songdo, Incheon sharing his experience after getting combination of AromaTouch Technique & Swedish deep tissue massage’s testimonial about Jiyoung’s Swedish deep tissue massage, Colorado USA’s testimonial after 3+ massage session(time flew!) who got injured from Afghanistan war. First aromatherapy case study participant in 2017 when I was taking ITEC(International Therapy Exam Council) aromatherapy course

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