What’s the housecall Swedish deep tissue aromatherapy massage session like?

Things I bring for the massage session are:
-chest & headrest pillow

or massage table depending on your preference
If you stay at a hotel with good bed height then sometimes clients prefer me to bring chest pillow.

– massage music-mix of relaxation, meditation, classical, new age, therapy music(I play some and let you choose what you like the most)
– portable blue tooth speaker

– hundreds of CPTG(Certied Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils to choose from for your needs

– aromatherapy diffuser and Himalayan salt crystal candle holders and tea lights

After you choose music, I will play music and set Himalayan salt crystal candles around the room to create beautiful relaxing atmosphere when we are in the hotel.

Then consultation, choosing several essential oil options for your needs.
And you smell several combinations and feel which one you like the most.
Your body knows what is needed and there will be some combinations you like the most.

Then I blend custom massage oil for you with base oil I brought.
Usually with fractionated coconut oil with cold pressed avocado oil. There is no scent to base oil.
And you get ready(get undressed your face down and putting the big towel on your hip to cover) on your bed(or massage table).
I change clothes while you are getting ready for comfortable massage work and wash my hands before session.

Then I massage

1. back-effleurage to the whole back
2. shoulders
3. neck-kneading the lateral/posterior muscle of the neck
4. scapula-mobilization of the scapula
5. back again(hip to upper back)-effleurage using the forearm and elbow
6. hip-criss-cross effleurage
7. inner thigh-lymph massage movement
8. thigh-effleurage du poing on the posterior thigh
effleurage du poing on the iliotibial band
petrissage on the posterior thigh
9. legs-effeurage on the legs
—-> Lymph massage techniques for the lower limb
10. chest, belly
11. front thighs and legs.

It’s best to undress all your clothes and lay down (your face down) on the bed or massage table.

I cover a tower on other part of your body that is not massaged all time.
Your genital areas will not be revealed.
*I took one of the highest international standard aromatherapy diploma course so client’s privacy and tower management is crucial and I am well trained/experienced for keeping your privacy.

You might feel a little bit strange at the first time, but you will soon feel relaxed and comfortable when you receive massage and listen to the soft, peaceful music-we call it music therapy.

And also the aroma scent from diffuser will give you the relaxation.

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