Walking Direction From Camp Humphreys to Brown Stone APT

Walking Direction from Camp Humphreys Main Gate to Brown Stone Humphreys APT

  1. Cross the walk and walk into Anjeongri shopping area(The Ville)-main area where all the restaurants and bars are
  2. Walk till the end of the shopping area
  3. You will see Cafe Pasccuci
  4. Turn to the left. You will see GS 24 convenient store cross the street.
  5. Stay on that street and walk for about 3-4 min.
  6. You will see APT blocks. That’s Brown Stone Humphreys APT.
  7. My building 101 is at the end of the APT complex.
  8. Building has 101 and enterance should have 3, 4, 5 sign for the right enterance.
  9. Press 1504 then bell button

You can pass guard area/enterance and walk straight ahead. Then you will see children’s play area on the right side.
Come to that area for building 101.

It will take about 20 min from gate. 🙂

My block is near children’s play area at the end of the complex. 

101 building with 3, 4, 5 sign for the right enterance.

Press 1504 then hit Bell botton on the bottom.