Video Editing Project

My best sex and orgasm interview

2020-12-25 14:48
ParkSoYoung Show interview video

유투버가 느껴본 최고의 오르가슴! 여자를 흥분시키는 남자의 오럴 기술, 은밀히 다가온 여자사정!

Raw interview files are on google drive
1. Click recent and scroll down to the bottom and download interview raw files

2. Click final ingredients folder and download all ingredient videos and pictures.

Inside the folder, there is final cut pro file and final mov video I made with someone roughly.
I don't like music choice and some edit...
I hope to see your work. :))
Better music choice and editing?
You can do your style...

We try to copy original ParkSoYoung Show video editor's style. 🙂
I love to see your style if you have a better idea/style.