2 surgeries within 2 months!

After having two uterus surgeries, my condition was so bad evening sitting was difficult.

I was feeling constant pain in my lower abdomen, coccyx felt like cold wind was blowing, I had no energy sometimes things look blurry (vision got blurry), it was hard to sit without leaning against something.

The cold I caught after first surgery accompanied cough and phlegm for the past 3 months and it was hard to brush my teeth as my gum was fluttered.

Since my body condition was like this, I even felt annoyed and irritated from 5 year old son’s request and moving my body was not easy.

Even hospital visit, doctor didn’t take it seriously saying it’s natural to feel pain but in my mind, this much pain and no energy was not normal.

After first massage session, 3 lumps which were pinky fingernail size, looking like biscuit melted in the water came out of uterus.
After first massage, I had bath submerging woman part, I felt flesh that had ointment texture came out from my vagina(uterus…left over stuff from surgery).

Even though I had this bad condition, I was waking up in the middle of the night.
But the night I got massage, I had a deep sleep like I passed out.

My body was like that, I had no appetite, my body was swollen like an elephant and I couldn’t put my foot into shoe and after getting up in the morning fingers and toes wouldn’t bend.
But the day after massage session, everything tasted great and I was so hungry, food tasted great and I gained energy.
I could work around the house and take care of my daughter well.

After 4 massage sessions, swollen body was back to normal and I could wear shoes comfortably.

After first massage, pimple was appeared around my vagina entrance, it went away the day after I dropped melaleuca(tea tree) essential oil onto my underwear naturally.

On second massage session I got massage with ginger essential oil.
Next day I had mouth ulcer. According to info she gained from aromatherapy community forum, heat was expelled through weak area of body. (It went away)

The third massage session, I was shouting out internally
“Ah~so nice!” wherever her hands were massaging.
And I was starving lol.

After third massage session, I gained energy so I went on a family trip but it might have been too much for me, my left hand was starting to have numbing sensations.

Fourth massage session, I told her about numbing feeling on my left hand and got massage for that.
The next day numbing went away completely.

Wow!!!! So miraculous.
And now I am having a period with huge volume.
My body is getting so light feeling! First time ever feeling like this during period. So sad to have only 4 sessions and ending. T_T

I was able to gain appetite and energy and go to work and live a daily lives with her sincere care and essential oils on my body where modern medicine couldn’t help.
Who would believe this experience?
It would be hard to believe without experiencing oneself.

Never thought it would be so powerful when I thought to try the massage as if drowning man is trying to catch even straw to hold onto.

It’s so miraculous and precious experience. I have a feeling I would love essential oils from now on.

Sincere gratitude to Jeonogsook who introduced me. And Hyunjoo Choi and Jiyoung Yun.

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