I had fantastic healing experience while getting Swedish deep tissue massage from HappyJiyoung.
I felt some strange feeling on my left breast that was reacting to good essential oils and found lump after going to check up.
I was amazed by noticing toxins were expelled and my body and mind was calming while sweating out the whole time while getting massage.

It’s been 4 months since I was getting massage from Jiyoung and started doing ketogenic(Low Carb High Fat) diet and exercise.
Beginning time, I had severe edema, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic indigestion, malfunction of peripheral thyroid metabolism, low body temperature, breast lumps. It was quite a mess.
Now the lump was shrinked by 2cm(0.79 inch), breast shape has gotten prettier, no edema, clearer mind and brain function, sleep better than before, I feel like I could chew stones as if I even had indigestion problem. I don’t get cold as much so many strange things are happening.

I truly love love health protector HappyJiyoung who got me in turning point of my life. How could I not. 🙂

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