SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Booking

@Kitezone Korea, Pyeongtaek Lake Resort

Discover Stand Up Paddle Boarding FUN!

Find out how fun, easy & relaxing SUP is at Pyeongtaek Lake-biggest lake in Korea!


contact Jiyoung for your stand Up Paddle Board experience!

Come to Dead End. Kitezone Korea Kiteboarding Club is at the end of this road

Sit Down Paddle Boarding

Fun to take pictures for each other


Blue sky and clouds. Beautiful smile!

Nice smile & shot!

Beautiful grass, benches and clouds

In front of Kitezone Korea Kiteboarding Club

Piano is great for photography

SUP boards at the sandy shore

July 18th Sat, 2020 Group SUP!

Jiyoung’s 2nd time trying SUP after 4 or 5 years

Salute! Group SUP July 18, Sat 2020

Group lesson prep!

Becoming friends 🙂

Hot dogs 3,000 won

jet boarding and SUP board

Fun to take group lesson with friends!

Lounging area. Mosquitos are strong! Be aware!

Beautiful sunset time. So relaxing and healing

After 8ishPM nice lights at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort

Happy couple! Nice smile! First time doing SUP!

Pyeongtaek Lake Resort scenery

View from club

Happy smile. After group has left…quiet photo time. 🙂

In front of Kitezone Korea Kiteboarding Club

2 SUP boards ready for us

Well prepared, organized with plenty of staffs and experienced instructor!

All sizes of life vests

Jet boarding and peaceful scenery

Love red and blue!

Everyone loves this I <3 U

Sunset time SUP!

Sunset SUP July 17, 2020

Nice blue board, sky and smile!

Instructor Jeong is amazing!

Ordered Chinese food! 🙂

Instructor splashing COLD water into neck!

I LOVE YOU July 20, 2020

Many SUP boards

First time SUP! But doing great and all happy!

Hi! 🙂

Sunset time. Done with SUP

Learning SUP with group. Great balance!

Quieter time is great for photography

Happy after sunset SUP!

Happy moments!

Kiteboarder at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort