FAQ for Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort

I live hear Pyeongtaek lake and go to SUP almost everyday.
When I am going there and free, you can join me.
SUP rental and lesson, photography service is available. 🙂

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What’s the name of the place to do SUP? Do you have a waze pin?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Rental place is private Kitezone Korea-kiteboarding club located in Pyeongtaek Lake Resort.

It’s located at the dead end of Pyeongtaek Lake Resort and you can park your car at Pyeongtaek Lake Drive-in Theater and walk for 5 min.

Click here to open detailed direction with waze/naver pin and google map.

How much is SUP rental? How do we pay, is card accepted or won?

SUP rental is 40,000 won.
Life vest is provided free of charge.

Payment with won.
I encourage you to bring exact 40,000 won as we might not have changes.

For kid boarding with parent, 10,000 won.

Rental gives you life vest, changing room, shower, using club facility for cool drinking water, lounging at the table, chair and sofas etc.
And leaving your belongings in the club room(not locker style).

Safety is not guaranteed by club or any accident.
This is not a business, private kitebording club that has SUP you can rent and use.

Rental is for you to use SUP and their facilities only.

It’s up to user’s own risk. SUP activity is not covered by insurance.
They are just renting out for customers.

Also they can charge for the equipment loss if it’s caused customer.

It’s encouraged to bring acua shoes and things for taking a shower.
Shampoo, soap or body wash & towel.

There are one area with sharp pebbles underneath.
You can buy for around 10,000 won or so.

Here are acua shoes on Korean eCommerce site.
You can get an idea what to look for at a store.


Rules on safety, accident & damage or loss of equipment

Kitezone Korea Club is not a business but willing to rent out their SUP equipment as people asked them to.

So any accident or safety is on our own risk.
No insurance covered by them.
So please know this part.

Also if customers lost their equipment or damage equipment, they will request the cost from customers.
So know this as well.

Is there anything that we need to bring or wear?

Wearing shorts, changing clothes and shampoo, soap or body wash and towel for taking a shower.
Sun screen cream, hat, plastic bag to put wet clothes after SUP.

Kitezone Korea encourages to bring acua shoes just to be safe. I personally don’t wear acua shoes now but I know I would feel more confident to explore more places in the lake.

There can be sharp pebbles underneath at the lake so to prevent any accident on your foot.

You can buy acua shoes at a mart for around 10,000 won or so, instructor said.
Here are acua shoes on Korean eCommerce site.
You can get an idea what to look for at a mart.


You can see what other people wear here.

I just want to SUP for only 1 hour 30 min or 2 hours not full 3 hours

Rental fee is same 40,000 won up to 3 hours.
Even if you only SUP for 1 hour, rental cost is same.

Is it free to use life vest? Kid rate joining parent

When you rent SUP for 40,000 won, life vest is provided free of charge.

You can bring your own life vest too if you want to use your own life vest.

There are small, medium, large, extra large size life vests.
For kids age 7-8 year old ones to big men!

For kid who is doing SUP with parent’s board or adult, kid rate is 10,000 won.

It includes life jacket, changing room, shower, drinking water and club facilities-lounging, chair, keeping your belongings(without lock or locker though) etc.
If your kid is younger than 7-8 year old then club owner wants you to bring your kid’s life vest to make sure it’s fitting and safe for the children.

Can kids do SUP like a 3 year old?

Club owner thinks it is possible to have kid on the same SUP board when parent is doing SUP.

If he/she is good with water, has a life jacket, floater and parent(s) is/are confident swimmer then it’s fine to bring your kid(s) and join SUP.

Recently I(Jiyoung) had a couple with 4 year old. 🙂

She was very comfortable with water, playing in the Pyeongtaek lake came out of SUP board!

She enjoyed riding with her dad and mom switching back and forth to 2 different boards.

She was scared more on the board than water!
Getting more comfortable and used to SUP slowly with parents’ patience and encouragement. 🙂

This is for the kid who is not afraid of water and have a confident swimmer parent. 🙂

When you scroll down on this instagam, you can see parent with kids and dogs!!

For kid with parents, the rental fee (kid life vest, shower, drinking water etc) is 10,000 won.

Kitezone Korea has 8 kids life vests. Kids life vests are good for kids around 7-8 year old age.

Club owner encourages parents to bring their own life vest(s) for their kids if they are under that age group.
To make sure kids are safe with right size life vest.

What’s the hours of SUP rental place?

There is no official business hours as it is not business.

The club owner is there ONLY when wind is there for kiteboarding.

He and I discussed that I would assist in SUP rental situation for expats.
The place is not SUP rental business place.

It’s private kiteboarder’s membership club that has SUP, jet boards and could bring kayaks.

He has job in Seoul and he is busy with kiteboarding passion/hobby/work around all kiteboarding projects.

Usually he’s out in the water doing kiteboarding all over Korea. 🙂 So there is no set hours as it’s not official water sports rental biz place.

But for people like me and you to enjoy SUP etc there, I can help expats come over and rent SUP or kayak etc when I am around.

If I join kiteboarding trips or have massage session or other things I am occupied then I won’t be there.

But otherwise I plan to go SUP everyday as often as possible for workout and nature therapy.
I usually like to go SUP around 5-7PM.

I live 16-20 min from the club.

So feel free to message me to see if I am around or will be available for you to come and use SUP.

Do they have kayak?

They don’t have their own kayak as of July 17th 2020.
But can bring kayaks if there are 5 people wanting to do kayaking.
2 people sharing one kayak.

Do they rent kiteboarding equipment there?

They can rent out kiteboarding equipment for 100,000 won.

100,000 won is for kite, board, harness and life jacket.
Kitezone Korea is specialized in OZONE kite.

Swan boat rides or jet ski there?

They don’t do swan boat at the club but Pyeongtaek Lake Leisure Town(LTD) at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort offers!

It says Duck Boat:18,000 won for one boat (upto 4 people can board)

I just found this video!!
This couple is sharing their experiencing doing duck or swan boat riding there!

This is waze pin for this spot(not same location as the KiteKorea SUP sandy beach which is far left side of the Pyeongtaek Lake Resort).

It’s more at the entrance of the Pyeongtaek Lake Resort.
Pyeongtaek Lake Leisure Town(LTD)

Use Waze to drive to 평택호레저타운(주):

And this is Naver map pin.