Jiyoung, here is my testimony below. Thank You So Much.

I am a retired Army Officer who had a parachute accident when I was in the military.

As a result of my accident, I damaged my entire muscular skeleton structure, as well as the central nervous system that left me with a neurological tremble on the left side of my body.

For over the last decade, I have suffered from pain in my knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, and neck which has led me to have treatment with acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists (of all types) since 1998.

On or about January 31 – February 01, 2017, I received two Aromatherapy Essential Oil Swedish Massage sessions from Jiyoung Yun. During those two meetings, Jiyoung exceeded all the treatments combine that I have had in over a decade.

Jiyoung’s therapy was so powerful, when I returned to my regular every two weeks massage visit, my regular masseur asked me had I received a massage session from someone else because my body was very relaxed and it did not contain the tension my masseur therapist would usually feel and would have to workout.

The combination of Jiyoung’s Aromatherapy Essential Oil Swedish Massage techniques and the calming atmosphere she created and used resulted in a genuine sense of caring and me getting deep sleep, total elimination of pain and reduced inflammation, as well as significantly increased energy.

I highly recommend anyone who suffers from physical pain or emotional distress treat themselves to Jiyoung’s Aromatherapy Essential Oil Swedish Massage Treatment.

Philip L. Newby

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