Pros and cons on getting massage home vs massage shop.

You have two choices when you get a massage.
You can either go to a massage shop/spa or get a a massage at home or your hotel when you travel.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of getting a massage at home or at a massage shop or spa.

Good things about getting massage at a massage shop/spa.

1. It’s cheaper than getting massage at home.
2. You get the massage on a massage table, which has a hole in it.
3.It’s easier to breathe and to get your neck massaged while you are laying on the massage table.

Not so good things about getting massage at a massage shop.
1. You have to travel to the massage shop.
2. You are not as comfortable as getting a massage at your home.
->They have a rule that clients have to usually wear shorts .
A client told me that he felt uncomfortable wearing shorts while getting massage.
Some clients feel more relaxed and free when they are totally undressed.
I usually cover them with a towel on the part of the body I don’t work on.
Of course, one client felt more comfortable getting a massage while wearing boxer shorts due to his past massage experiences. It’s all up to the client and I respect their privacy and preference. There’s always room to listen and follow the client’s wish.
->Clients feel more comfortable getting massage at homebecause it’s not a strange place. 🙂 .
3. You have to get up and leave after getting your massage.
You have had a peaceful, relaxing massage in a soothing environment,. and right after this peaceful time, you have to get dressed and go out into the real world again with noise and traffic.
->The best part of getting a massage at home is that you can relax and rest in  your home. You don’t have to move or leave. You can stay in  the same peaceful mood.
4. Traveling time-you spend time  going to a massage shop and coming back home.
->One of my clients was an extremely busy businessman who was working at a financial firm. He worked a lot and often late. He wanted to save his time and wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids.  To save time and energy, he preferred housecall massage

Considering the travel time, the cost of housecall massage is very reasonable.  One of my clients told me this  when I asked him if my housecall rate is too expensive .
He used to go to Itaewon to get a massage and the cost was similar.
Massage shops  usually massage for 1 hour.but my massage takes 1 hour and 20 min. This, and the fact that I come to your house makes housecall massage very reasonable.  

A Good thing about being a regular client is that you have priority.
For example, one of my clients used to get a massage every Thursday at 9PM.  Therefore,  
I didn’t set up any appointments with other clients. So every time, we knew our schedule.
My client didn’t have to call and ask my schedule.
This makes it easier to schedule for other occasions, like meeting friends…etc.

Your body gets more benefits from getting massage regularly.  Your body knows it  and feels it. 🙂

So here are the reasons why using housecall massage service is the best.

1. Save time and energy
2. Much more comfortable at home (familiar environment)
3. Don’t have to leave-stay in your bed and relax after massage
4. You set up the time and date you want to get massage

Massage is great for your peace of body and soul. And your health!
Give love and care for your body!
Enjoy! 🙂

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