Kitezone Korea parking & walking direction

Pyeongtaek Lake Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Location-Kitezone Korea

You can park at Pyeongtaek Drive-In Theater to get here

Waze pin here. 
Pyeongtaek Drive-in Theater

Park on the left side of the parking lot not the right side as they screen movie at 8ishPM so they don’t allow people park there after 6PM.

But if you find plenty of parking spot on the right side and know you are gone before 6PM then right side parking is closer to our destination.
Less walking.
Kitezone Korea club is located at the dead-end. A few min walk.

This is naver pin for Korean map.

Kitezone Korea club doesn’t have a bathroom.
Pyeongtaek Lake Resort has public bathroom.

Good to use bathroom at home before heading here I think.

If you parked on the left side of the parking lot, follow this sign.

Stay on the left side of the blocked road. 🙂

A few minutes walk. You can see many Korean families bring out tent and enjoy.

After entering Pyeongtaek Lake Resort and driving to parking lot scene.

This is driving scene at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort to the Pyeongtaek Drive-in Theater