Capitolium by car

CAPITOLIUM 5 minutes walk from the Walk in Gate of Camp Humphreys 1 minute from Anjeong-ri Gate of Camp Humphreys by car.

Any car can come and park in this building.
Come down to the parking lot and turn right. It’s best to park near elevator 1, 2 section to come to my house.

B1 around 10~14 parking spots are good.

capitolium parking lot

Press bell button then 1234.
Door will be unlocked.
Quickly pull the door.
Opening duration is short so when you hear opening click sound, pull the door and get in quickly. 🙂

This is walk-in instruction

capitolium building outside

Turn around Capitoium building where parking lot is. Walk-in gate 3 is right around the corner before parking entrance.

Press bell button then 1234
Door will be open.
I think 1st floor door is pushing style.
Quickly push the door and get in.
No need to turn the door knob.
Opening duration is short.

My house is 8th floor.
When you get out from elevator.
Turn left.
819 room is on the left side.