Before Your Massage…

*Avoid a heavy meal for a couple of hours before your massage because massage on a full stomach may be uncomfortable.

*Check your skin for any open cuts, scrapes, and scratches, and cover them with a bandage.

*Let your massage therapist know how you felt after your last massage and about any changes in your health, pain, or injuries.

*Be aware that massage is not recommended in the early or acute stage of cold or flu, because massage can help the virus spread through your body.

During Your Massage…

*Tell your massage therapist if you are cool; massage is more effective if you stay warm.

*Let your massage therapist know if you prefer different music or no music at all.

*Tell your massage therapist if any part of the massage is painful or too uncomfortable.

*Breathe slowly, deeply, and evenly. When your massage therapist locates pain or tension, consciously try to relax the area by visualizing your breath flowing into the tension and then exhaling the tension with your breath.

*Relax. Your massage therapist will tell you if he or she wants you to move or shift position.

After Your Massage…

*Drink water to help flush out waste products moved around by the increased circulation created by massage.

*Deep tissue or injury/pain treatment massage may leave you feeling sore for a day or two. If you were experiencing pain when you came in for the massage, the general expectation is that you may be sore the first day, but by the second day you should feel looser and probably have less pain. Let your massage therapist know how you felt, so that he or she can adjust the approach if necessary.

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