Testimonials from Jiyoung’s massage clients

Written & Videos Testimonials from Jiyoung’s massage clients

Client from Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek June 21, 2020

I have chronic pain in my hip, back, and shoulder on the left side of my body. I was hit by a car when I was a young soldier in Yongsan in the early 90’s and the pain caused by that accident persists… getting worse in the hip. I saw that Jiyoung had mutual Facebook friends when I was checking out her service. I work on base, but the base spa is always booked. So I contacted Jiyoung and set up an appointment. Glad I did because my hip feels a lot better. I also had some upper back muscle knots that she made disappear. Highly recommended!

 Business trip client at Shilla hotel Seoul, Korea 2007.10.25

I would like to thank you for your professional service.
I hope the following 2 lines express my comparison. 
I have used massage services 97 times in over 40 countries all over the world.
I would rank Jiyoung as second or third best. best massage in Seoul!

University professor client from Reno, NV, USA 2015.03.01

Jiyoung gives a wonderful massage
I highly recommend her!
Her Swedish technique is the prefect amount of pressure to relieve, but relax at the same time.
Just enough oil to allow fluid movement but nor drenched!
Her movements are unhurried and nurturing; she is professional but not clinical – she connects with your body.
I give her an A+.

Dutch Expat clients living in a Novotel ambassador hotel in Seoul, Korea

Hi JiYoung. So good to have met ! Massage was great it was like walking on a cloud afterwards.

Joey, expat client in Samgakji, Yongsan, Seoul 

Most definitely one of the best massages I have ever received since having back surgery. The best massage in Seoul! Must experience the soothing effect of illuminating glowing salt stones and a wonderful massage in a zen-like studio environment

Ty March 10, 2008 3:34:21 PM

Jiyoung, You did an fantastic job with my massage. That was one of the best massages that i have ever had. You have earned another loyal customer and i will make sure to see you as often as i can.

Body of Knowledge Senior Feldenkrais Practitiorer  2015.03.11

I highly recommend you work with Jiyoung!
In addition to everything she and others noted about her professional skills and amazing technique, I’d like to add that Jiyoungs’ happy spirit and deep, intuitive intelligence makes her an absolute JOY to be around.Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a few hours with her.
I promise you an uplifting experience!

Client who had car accident & spine pain(back pain)

Wow! Your massage is different than massage shop massage! There is love and care in your massage. I feel very pure and bright energy spreading in my body now

Erin from Songdo, Incheon client

I just experienced 60 minutes of Heaven in the form of massage from HappyJiyoung.

Probably one of the BEST massages I’ve ever had (and I’ve had lots).

She has such a positive, amazing spirit with such a natural healing touch and we had so much to talk about afterwards as well.

For 1 hour my poor broken, battered arthritic body felt relief and comfort – which, I cannot even describe the intense pain I live with on a day to day basis – was such a wonderful thing to experience.

Thank you SOOO much Jiyoung! You are an amazing soul!!

Retired Army Officer in his 60s -Philip L. Newby

Jiyoung, here is my testimony below. Thank You So Much.

I am a retired Army Officer who had a parachute accident when I was in the military.

As a result of my accident, I damaged my entire muscular skeleton structure, as well as the central nervous system that left me with a neurological tremble on the left side of my body.

For over the last decade, I have suffered from pain in my knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, and neck which has led me to have treatment with acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists (of all types) since 1998.

On or about January 31 – February 01, 2017, I received two Aromatherapy Essential Oil Swedish Massage sessions from Jiyoung Yun. During those two meetings, Jiyoung exceeded all the treatments combine that I have had in over a decade.

Jiyoung’s therapy was so powerful, when I returned to my regular every two weeks massage visit, my regular masseur asked me had I received a massage session from someone else because my body was very relaxed and it did not contain the tension my masseur therapist would usually feel and would have to workout.

The combination of Jiyoung’s Aromatherapy Essential Oil Swedish Massage techniques and the calming atmosphere she created and used resulted in a genuine sense of caring and me getting deep sleep, total elimination of pain and reduced inflammation, as well as significantly increased energy.

I highly recommend anyone who suffers from physical pain or emotional distress treat themselves to Jiyoung’s Aromatherapy Essential Oil Swedish Massage Treatment.



Uterus related feedback from ITEC(International Therapy Exam Council)aromatherapy case study participant (Korean feedback translated into English)
영국 국제 ITEC 아로마테라피 케이스 스터디 임상 4회를 마치신 선생님의 자궁 관련 후기/소감

2 surgeries within 2 months!

After having two uterus surgeries, my condition was so bad evening sitting was difficult.

I was feeling constant pain in my lower abdomen, coccyx felt like cold wind was blowing, I had no energy sometimes things look blurry (vision got blurry), it was hard to sit without leaning against something.

The cold I caught after first surgery accompanied cough and phlegm for the past 3 months and it was hard to brush my teeth as my gum was fluttered.

Since my body condition was like this, I even felt annoyed and irritated from 5 year old son’s request and moving my body was not easy.

Even hospital visit, doctor didn’t take it seriously saying it’s natural to feel pain but in my mind, this much pain and no energy was not normal.

After first massage session, 3 lumps which were pinky fingernail size, looking like biscuit melted in the water came out of uterus.
After first massage, I had bath submerging woman part, I felt flesh that had ointment texture came out from my vagina(uterus…left over stuff from surgery).

Even though I had this bad condition, I was waking up in the middle of the night.
But the night I got massage, I had a deep sleep like I passed out.

My body was like that, I had no appetite, my body was swollen like an elephant and I couldn’t put my foot into shoe and after getting up in the morning fingers and toes wouldn’t bend.
But the day after massage session, everything tasted great and I was so hungry, food tasted great and I gained energy.
I could work around the house and take care of my daughter well.

After 4 massage sessions, swollen body was back to normal and I could wear shoes comfortably.

After first massage, pimple was appeared around my vagina entrance, it went away the day after I dropped melaleuca(tea tree) essential oil onto my underwear naturally.

On second massage session I got massage with ginger essential oil.
Next day I had mouth ulcer. According to info she gained from aromatherapy community forum, heat was expelled through weak area of body. (It went away)

The third massage session, I was shouting out internally
“Ah~so nice!” wherever her hands were massaging.
And I was starving lol.

After third massage session, I gained energy so I went on a family trip but it might have been too much for me, my left hand was starting to have numbing sensations.

Fourth massage session, I told her about numbing feeling on my left hand and got massage for that.
The next day numbing went away completely.

Wow!!!! So miraculous.
And now I am having a period with huge volume.
My body is getting so light feeling! First time ever feeling like this during period. So sad to have only 4 sessions and ending. T_T

I was able to gain appetite and energy and go to work and live a daily lives with her sincere care and essential oils on my body where modern medicine couldn’t help.
Who would believe this experience?
It would be hard to believe without experiencing oneself.

Never thought it would be so powerful when I thought to try the massage as if drowning man is trying to catch even straw to hold onto.

It’s so miraculous and precious experience. I have a feeling I would love essential oils from now on.

Sincere gratitude to Jeonogsook who introduced me. And Hyunjoo Choi and Jiyoung Yun.

Original Korean written testimonial

2달동안 2번의 수술!

자궁을 건드려놓은 나는 온전히 앉아 있기도 힘든 상태였다.

아랫배에 통증이 계속있었고, 꼬리뼈에서는 찬바람이 부는것 같았으며, 기운이 하나도 없어 어떤때는 사물도 흐릿하게 보이고, 기대어 앉지않으면 앉아있기도 쉽지 않았다.
1차 수술후에 걸린 감기는 석달째 기침과 가래를 동반했고, 잇몸이 들떠서 양치를 하는것도 쉽지 않았다.
몸이 이러니 5살아이의 요구가 귀찮고 짜증이 날 정도로 움직이는게 쉽지 않았다.
병원에 진료를 해도 의사는 당연히 아픈거라면서 대수롭지 않게 여겼고, 내가 생각할때는 이 통증과 기운없음은 도를 넘는 거였다.

1차 맛사지 후 자궁에서 새끼손톱만하고 비스켓이 물에 녹은것 같은 덩어리 3개가 빠졌다.
1차 맛사지 후 좌욕을 했는데 네오덤같은 살덩이가 엄지손가락만한 것이 쭈욱 빠지는 것이 느껴졌다.
몸상태가 이런데두 밤에는 자꾸 잠에서 깼었는데 맛사지 받은 날은 정말 기절한 정도로 숙면을 취했다.
몸이 이러니 입맛은 하나도 없는데두 몸은 코끼리 처럼 부어서 신발도 안들어가고 아침기상 후엔 손발이 구부러지지 않을정도 였는데 맛사지 받은 다음날은 뭐든 맛있고 허기가 져서 맛있게 음식을 먹고, 기운이 생기니 아기도 잘챙기게 되고 집안일도 하게 되었다.

4번의 맛사지 후 부종도 확실히 잡혀 신발도 편히 신을수 있게되었다.

1차 맛사지 후엔 질입구에 뾰로지가 생겼는데 멜라루카를 팬티에 떨어뜨리니 다음날 자연스럽게 없어졌고 2차 진저오일을 사용한 다음 날은 입안에 뽀루지가 올라왔다.
선생님이 주신 정보로는 약한 부위로 열을 뿜는거라셨다.

3차 맛사지는 선생님의 손이 닿는 곳 마다 ‘아 ~ 좋다!’소리가 절로나고 받은 후 어찌나 배가 고프던지 ㅋ ㅋ 3차 맛사지 후 기운이 생겨 가족여행을 다녀왔는데 그것이 무리가 되었는지 왼손 저림이 시작됐다.

4차 맛사지때 말씀 드리고 맛사지를 받고나니 다음날 손저림이 말끔히 사라졌다.

아!!!! 신기해. 지금은 생리가 왔는데 통증은 하나도 없이 양이 어마어마하다.
몸이 가벼워지는 느낌! 생리하면서 이런 느낌은 처음. 4차로 끝나는것이 너무 아쉽다. ㅜㅜ

현대 의학에서 잡을수 없는 나의 몸상태를 나는 오일과 맛사지 선생님의 정성으로 입맛을 되찾아 기운이 생기고 출근하고 일상을 살수 있게 되었다.
이런경험을 했다면 믿을수 있을까?
체험해보지 않았다면 믿기는 힘든 경험이다.
몸이 많이 아파 지푸라기라도 잡는 심정으로 시작한 맛사지가 이리 효엄이 있을줄이야!
너무너무 신기하고 소중한 체험이었다. 앞으로 아로마오일을 사랑하게 될것같다.

소개해주신 정숙씨. 최현주 선생님 윤지영선생님께 깊은 감사를 드립니다.

Jinho Lee-Functional medicine Dr. testimonial from Penta Heal Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

1) There is noble feeling in HappyJiyoung’s massage that one can not feel at a big massage shop or tourist destination’s massage shop. Feeling like artisan is crafting the pottery. As if I became the pottery. You will know when you receive massage

2) HappyJiyoun’g massage is very very relaxing. The comforting feeling like floating. The relax the time is passing by very slowly during the summer break when one was a student. Feeling emotional interchange(connection)

Original testimonial written  in Korean

1) 해피지영의 마사지는 여행지의 마사지 샾이나 대형 마사지샾에서 느낄 수 없는 숭고함이 느껴진다. 장인이 도자기를 빚는 느낌. 내가 도자기가 된 느낌. 받아보면 알 수 있음

2) 해피지영의 마사지는 아주아주 편안하다. 플로팅과 같은 편안함. 학생 때 여름방학에 시간이 더디게 가는 느낌의 릴랙스. 감정적인 교류가 느껴지는

Korean woman in her 70’s

Left side of my body felt so chilly as if I got stoke and my left ear felt like cold wind was coming out.
I went to acupuncturist several times but no improvement but that chill feeling disappeared after getting massages from therapist Jiyoung. I could hear some (knot cracking?) sound from my shoulders and back while getting massage. I never felt that before and since then I don’t feel the pain in my back and live healthy these days.

Original testimonial written  in Korean

왼쪽 몸이 중풍 온것마냥 시렵고 왼쪽 귀에도 바람이 나오는것처럼 시려워서 한의원 가서 침도 여러번 맞았는데도 호전없었던게 지영샘한테 마사지를 받은 이후 시려운게 없어졌어요 마사지 받을때도 등짝에서 두두둑 뼈소리가 났는데 평생 처음 느낀거구 그 이후 등짝도 안아프고 건강하게 지내고 있어요

Korean woman in her 50s with breast lumps

I had fantastic healing experience while getting Swedish deep tissue massage from HappyJiyoung.
I felt some strange feeling on my left breast that was reacting to good essential oils and found lump after going to check up.
I was amazed by noticing toxins were expelled and my body and mind was calming while sweating out the whole time while getting massage.

It’s been 4 months since I was getting massage from Jiyoung and started doing ketogenic(Low Carb High Fat) diet and exercise.
Beginning time, I had severe edema, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic indigestion, malfunction of peripheral thyroid metabolism, low body temperature, breast lumps. It was quite a mess.Now the lump was shrinked by 2cm(0.79 inch), breast shape has gotten prettier, no edema, clearer mind and brain function, sleep better than before, I feel like I could chew stones as if I even had indigestion problem. I don’t get cold as much so many strange things are happening.

I truly love love health protector HappyJiyoung who got me in turning point of my life. How could I not.

Original testimonial written  in Korean

해피지영에게 스웨디쉬딥티슈 를 받으며 그동안 겪어보지 못한 황홀한 힐링을 경험 했다.
좋은 에센셜 오일이 몸에 반응하여 왼쪽 유방의 이상을 느끼고 검사한 결과 혹이 발견되었고 마사지 받는 내내 땀을 흘리고 독소가 배출되고 심신이 안정되는것이 신기 방기 했다.

해피지영에게 마사지를 받으며 키토제닉(LCHF)식단과 운동을 함께 시작한지 네달.
처음 시작 당시 부종이 심하고 불면증. 만성피로.만성 소화불량.갑상선 말초대상 이상.저체온증, 유방혹까지 대략난감 했더랬다.
지금은 혹은 0.2센티가 줄었고 모양이 예뻐졌으며 부종도 없구 정신은 맑고 전보다 잠도 잘자고 소화기능 장애가 있었더냐 싶게 돌도 씹어 먹을듯 ㅋ 추위도 덜타고 정말 이상한 일들이 벌어지는 중이다.

난 인생의 전환점 건강지킴이 해피지영을 무지무지 사랑한다 어찌 아니 그럴수 있겠냐 말이다 ㅎ

Video Testimonials

Healer Sara’s testimonial from Colorado, USA


Martial artist, hockey player Jedi’s massage testimonial about Jiyoung’s Swedish deep tissue massage from Red Rocks, Colorado, USA

https://youtu.be/Mgf_oBAmFzcExpat Client Erin from Songdo, Incheonhttps://youtu.be/uSH7hrjlP3cAirline pilot client staying at Sheraton Songdo, Incheon sharing his experience after getting combination of AromaTouch Technique & Swedish deep tissue massagehttps://youtu.be/WAMLXOI4hxMTabby’s testimonial about Jiyoung’s Swedish deep tissue massage, Colorado USAhttps://youtu.be/R9nuvMvycZAAlex’s testimonial after 3+ massage session(time flew!)https://youtu.be/kfb5Mnly3GsVeteran who got injured from Afghanistan war. First aromatherapy case study participant in 2017 when I was taking ITEC(International Therapy Exam Council) aromatherapy coursehttps://youtu.be/RRQo6N5ia_0