About me

Hi! I’m Jiyoung

I love sharing info, helping my clients heal & enjoy life.

I Love To see someone happy & get healthy.
I love nature, SWEET dogs, BEING WITH NICE PEOPLE & eating good FOOD!

I am massage & aromatherapist.
I also offer expat concierge service(researching info for your questions), keto coach & dog walking as I love dogs but don’t like commitment. lol

I love kiteboarding, SUP, horse riding and recently I started to help kitezone Korea with SUP rental and assisting English speaking customers.

You can hire me as a guide or companion for travel, hanging out or going out for meal, cafe, park walk etc.

I am a web developer and marketing coach.

Tailormade Just For You

I Provide World Class Aromatherapy massage, SUP & many other services

I’ve been giving Swedish deep tissue massage since 2002 for 5 star hotel clients and expats in Korea.
You’ll smell the combinations of  CPTG(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils that I choose for your needs after consultation when we meet.
When you smell several options of combination of essential oils and select what you like the most then I blend the massage oil for our session.
Massage session takes 2 hour to 2 hour and a half usually.Sometimes 3 hours when we talk a lot! haha
The massage session with me will be nothing like you experienced before. 🙂

Healing is My Passion & Gift

I love seeing my client feel relaxed and heal.
I don’t check time when I give massage usually. You are the only focus for the day as I usually accept only 1 client a day.

SUP! Stand Up Paddle Board at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort!

I like SUP, kiteboarding and horse riding. I wanted to do more of these activities and KiteKorea club owner and I discussed that I would assist expats to rent SUP and enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding when I am around. 🙂

Come out to do SUP with me!
SUP rental is 40,000 won for 3 hours! It’s quite easy to do and really fun and relaxing!

Amazing Healing.
Great People. Beautiful Pyeongtaek

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What I Can Offer You

I find joy and happiness in helping people heal, happy and smile. 🙂 Also sharing great place and food

Healing massage

World class massage. Nothing like you experienced before.

Concierge Service

Don’t understand Korean? Iam happy to research and answer for your question.

Web development, marketing

I am a web developer and marketing coach. Can help with YouTube, podcast content creation etc.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental

Come join the fun at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort


photography service

I love taking pictures & videos for you to cherish memories & share on your social media



Alone in Korea? I am happy to guide you, go out & travel together in and out of Korea.

Meet HappyJiyoung

Jiyoung Yun

I am a total people & dog person.
Love human connection.

With the nature loving, conscious, health focused, open, intelligent, kind, sweet people!

I love being with my kind of people doing things together. Sharing stories, meals, beautiful scenery etc. Let’s hang out! 🙂