Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Pyeongtaek Lake Resort

July 18th Saturday noon SUP group lesson with instroctor Jeong was so fun!

Kitezone Korea Pyeongtaek Lake Resort
2020-07-21 12:48
I had an amazing time interpreting and learning SUP from experienced SUP instructor Gyeongwook Jeong.
In the beginning, some of us felt a little awkward or nervous as we don't know each other...
I tried to make everyone comfortable but still...haha

I was amazed how much I was doing wrong. Even wearing life vest!
I thought wearing life vest is just wearing! But there was more than wearing!!

But the most amazing part was instructor had so much knowledge and taught basics so well with land explanation to in the lake demonstration instructions.

Also he made the lesson so much more than just learning how to do SUP.
It was more like group recreational team spirit or getting close together experience.

I would have not met so many wonderful new people some of them I felt close and will hang out more. And see more.
Later I could even teach one couple how to do SUP with all the things I learned from instructor Jeong.

I loved the community fun aspect of this group lesson and a lot of laughter, getting into water...falling into he pushed our boards.

I highly recommend to take this beginner's group lesson from Jeong then come to Kitezone Korea club to rent SUP and enjoy SUP peacefully next time.
Also meet up with fellow members and come out together and do SUP at Pyeongtaek Lake.

I had an amazing time. Getting to know many new people. And take pictures of each other and sharing!
Loved the photography fun and keeping the memory as photos! And practice better photography doing SUP with one of photography loving member!

Looking forward to doing SUP with new friends and enjoy SUP photography too!
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July 18th Saturday noon SUP group lesson with instroctor Jeong was so fun!
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